Messages from the Masters
Attitude Is Everything!! by Paul J. Meyer

There is power in positive expectancy!

More than any other characteristic, quality, or trait of human personality, an attitude of positive expectancy is the companion of success in every achievement, every worthwhile venture, every upward step in human progress.

William James, the founder of American psychology, said: "The one thing that will guarantee the successful conclusion of a doubtful undertaking is faith in the beginning that you can do it."

Gaining the Slight Edge!

The slight edge is enough to enable one person to exceed the achievements of others to an almost unbelievable degree. Yet the difference in skill, ability, and intelligence between winners and losers is almost always very small and insignificant. When two people are approximately equal in all other qualities, an attitude of positive expectancy makes the winning difference in their performance.

* The difference between a .250 and .350 batting average is only one hit every ten times at bat! Yet that difference brings huge rewards!
* A one-stroke advantage in a golf tournament can bring about enormous dividends!

Believe in yourself!

* When you believe in yourself, others will believe in you.
* They will put their trust in your ideas 
* They will cooperate with you. 
* And they will receive the same benefits of this positive expectancy from their own experience. 

Believing in yourself and in your work enables you to multiply your efforts and magnify your results.

Develop an Attitude of Positive Expectancy!

An attitude of positive expectancy provides the slight edge not only in athletics but in every area of your life. 

Positive expectancy:

Transforms you into a self-starter. 
Pushes you to develop your potential. 
Inspires you to use your imagination and creativity.
Impels you to take purposeful action. 
Produces determination.
Forces you to improve and to change. 
Enables you to gain the slight edge!

With positive expectancy, you can surpass your prior levels of success and often achieve a great deal more than others who lack that essential quality. There is magic in positive expectancy!!!

To gain the slight edge and to become even more like your Creator intended you to be, begin now to adopt these beliefs and make them operative in your life:

1. A no-limitations belief in yourself. 
 You are unique. Your dreams come from the essence of who you really are. 
2. A no-limitations belief in the potential of other people. 
 Helping other people recognize their potential and use it meaningfully  provides a rich, fulfilling sense of accomplishment. Always encourage  others and be willing to give them an opportunity to prove what they can  be and what they can do. Helping others find their slight edge sharpens  your own. 
3. A no-limitations belief in potentials and possibilities.
 * The greatest dreams are yet to be dreamed.
 * The most constructive concepts are yet to be formulated.
 * The most successful plans are yet to be drawn!

Positive Expectancy Works!

1. It gives you the power of concentration. By focusing all of your thoughts, plans, and actions on the object of your belief, you 1) define your priorities, 2) block out your obstacles, 3) maintain your enthusiasm, and 4) take responsibility for actions necessary to reach your goal.

2. It activates the law of attraction: like attracts like, 1) You attract positive influences and positive situations, and 2) you are drawn to positive results.

3. It works through visualization: 
 * You can only be what you visualize yourself being.
 * You can do only what you visualize yourself doing.
 * You can have only what you visualize yourself having.

Develop an attitude of positive expectancy.  Mental images act as stimuli to both the conscious and subconscious mind.

When you meet any kind of obstacle or roadblock, try again immediately. Setbacks are supposed to be temporary', they become permanent failure only if you stop trying. 

Refuse to let what anyone says, thinks, or does discourage you! Put into action the power of positive expectancy and proceed and persevere!

The slight edge, bolstered by the power of positive expectancy, empowers you to build a storehouse of accomplished goals. Take time to record your accomplishments in writing. A written record serves as a source of satisfaction, providing a warm glow of achievement that can sustain you through tough times and serve as a wellspring of encouragement to yourself and to others.

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