Messages from the Masters
Love by Zig Ziglar

Love is not always giving others what they want; love is doing for others what is best for them. That reminds me of my close friend, really, he's more like a brother, Bernie Lofchick, from Winnipeg, Canada. His son, David, was born with cerebral palsy and initially had a very difficult time.

When David was about 18 months old, Bernie and his wife, Elaine, had to put braces on David's legs every night. The doctor instructed them to make the braces progressively tighter, which caused considerable pain. Many times David pleaded, "Do you have to make them so tight?" 

Today, David is an active, healthy, successful businessman with a beautiful wife and three beautiful children. David's success story is the result of a love so deep that the Lofchicks were willing to do for David what was best for him, and not what David wanted at the moment. Think about it. Make that kind of love paramount in your life.

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