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Success Is So Much More Than Fame and Money by Josh Hinds

Success is so much more than fame and money - At times we all try to attach a monetary value to the definition of success. We look at those around us (or those in the news) and say, "he or she is successful."  The problem is if we're basing success simply on the amount of money or fame that a person has attained, we're missing the big picture.

Surely fame and fortune can go along with a person who has reached success in their lives, but we have to remember that it is only a subset of success (not the total package and not required). Wouldn't you agree that someone who doesn't have the million dollar bank account or a star on Hollywood Boulevard can be just as equally successful?

Think about the teacher, parent or mentor who, because of the time they spent with you, changed your life. If you ask me these are the unsung heroes that deserve the label of "success." Please don't get me wrong here. I totally agree that Hollywood and the business world can be slap full of people we can look to as examples of what we can achieve with enough effort. I also happen to believe that it's worth realizing that you too in your own way are just as successful!...

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