Messages from the Masters
Is That Your Final Answer? by Michael Angier

Regis Philbin's question from the popular game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," has become a common buzz-phrase.

So what's YOUR final answer?

When we attempt to solve problems, we oftentimes settle for less than the best solution by accepting the first answer that comes up. Our "final answer" is all too often our FIRST answer and we never find out what other answers we might have come up with.

In our rush to have the problem solved, we miss out on the elegant solutions we could have achieved. We short-change ourselves--and those affected--by taking the easy way out.

But unlike the game show, there is never just one right answer or only one solution to a problem. And the BEST answers are often hidden behind many others.

When you're brainstorming--by yourself or with others—it's possible the best idea will surface first, but the chances of that happening are even less than the Ace of Spades being the first card dealt from a deck of cards.

In fact, that's not a bad way to look at any one solution or idea--just one playing card dealt from a deck. Many more right answers are stacked behind the others. They are there if we keep looking for the next one.

Of course, there's the danger of being indecisive and becoming victim of "paralysis of analysis," but that's another issue. It's rare that you can have too many good ideas--too many good answers.

Next time you're faced with the challenge of solving a problem, think a little longer. Ask a few more questions. Dig a little deeper. Don't settle too soon.

When you make your final answer, make sure it's a good one. It just might be a million-dollar answer.

Michael Angier is the founder and president of Success Networks. Download their free eBooklet, KEYS TO PERSONAL EFFECTIVENESS, from Copyright 2001 Michael Angier & Success Networks International.

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