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Eliminate Demotivators From Your Life by Tom Hopkins

If you're one of the millions of people who never seem to get what they really want in life, the reason may be a few simple attitudes you have acquired that I call "demotivators."  In my experience training thousands of professional salespeople, I've found four demotivators common to all of us, which we must overcome to attain our goals.

The first demotivator is the fear of losing our security.  We are so afraid of losing the security we have, that we won't give it up to get the greater security we seek.  I truly believe that there is no such thing as security other than the security we build within ourselves.  We are only secure to the extent of our ability to cope with the struggle called living, and we cannot be more secure than our capabilities of handling insecurity allow us to be.

This means we have to give up what we have, to get what we want.  If we refuse to give up anything, where will the space, time, money, and energy for new achievements come from?

The second demotivator is fear of failure.  How many times have you refused to try something, because you were afraid you'd fail?  Isn't it sad how many of us doom ourselves to mediocre lives rather than accept the momentary rejections that success demands?

We must challenge our fears, and conquer each fear forever.  Soon, you will find that every time you conquer a fear, the easier it will be to beat the next one.  Remember: Do what you fear most and you will control that fear.

The third demotivator is self-doubt.  When we're gripped by negative conviction, we believe everything we do will be wrong. When you're thinking like this it is likely that everything we do fails, and ultimately, we fail.

Instead of looking at what you did wrong, look at what you did right.  Keep an "up" attitude, overcome rejection and keep trying.

Soon, you'll start to win.  The wins will start to pile up until they smother all self-doubts under a mountain of positive conviction.

The fourth demotivator is the pain of change.  We resist change because it means that part of our old self must die, and a self that is unknown to us, is born.  We mourn the loss of the familiar as we labor through the birth of the new.

To overcome this attitude, we should make a habit of trying new things when we don't have to, so we can keep the best of the old in our lives as a strong emotional foundation.  Remember, there is an element of pain in all change, but those you put into motion yourself are far less painful than ones thrown at you by others.
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