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Success Is a Journey by Josh Hinds

Success is a journey - Often times I find that I have to continuously remind myself of my past achievements in order to keep myself from becoming discouraged (yes even I get discouraged at times :-). Sometimes it feels as though life is moving at 100 miles per hour.

Since many of my personal goals are attached to strict time frames occasionally I don't reach the intended goal exactly on time. It's during these occasions that I find that keeping a record of my previous accomplishments is quite valuable in my pursuit of my goals.

When I get to a point where I am beginning to doubt myself I quickly grab my journal (you do keep a journal don't you?). As I read through page after page I am able to remind myself that just as before I was faced with various difficulties that stood in the way of the intended goals. However, by plugging on I was able to get past them. Journaling in my opinion is a fabulous way to remind ourselves that success in reaching our dreams is very much a process. One that doesn't always come easy, yet is very much worth the effort it takes to make it manifest in your life.

I hope that you'll consider keeping a personal journal. It may very well help you charge your batteries back up as you move towards your intended goals...Your friend in cyberspace, Josh Hinds

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