Quotes from the Masters
On Financial Independence

"I remember saying to my mentor, 'If I had more money, I would have a better plan.'  He quickly responded, 'I would suggest that if you had a better plan, you would have more money.'  You see, it's not the amount that counts; it's the plan that counts." -- Jim Rohn  

"At least 80% of millionaires are self-made.  That is, they started with nothing but ambition and energy, the same way most of us start." -– Brian Tracy  

"The philosophy of the rich versus the poor is this: The rich invest their money and spend what is left; the poor spend their money and invest what's left." – Jim Rohn  

"Many people think you have to be very intelligent to be successful in life.  Exhaustive research shows that many self-made millionaires have only average intelligence." -– Brian Tracy

"To become financially independent you must turn part of your income into capital; turn capital into enterprise; turn enterprise into profit; turn profit into investment; and turn investment into financial independence." -- Jim Rohn  

"All lasting wealth comes from enriching others in some way." -– Brian Tracy

"The common characteristic of self-made millionaires is that they continually work harder and smarter than the average person." -– Brian Tracy

"Shortly after I met my mentor he asked me, 'Mr. Rohn, how much money have you saved and invested over the last six years?'  And I said, 'None.'  He then asked, 'Who sold you on that plan?'" -- Jim Rohn  

"Those who start with too little money are more likely to succeed than those who start with too much.  Energy and imagination are the springboards to wealth creation." -– Brian Tracy

"The key factor that will determine your financial future is not the economy; the key factor is your philosophy." -- Jim Rohn  

"Economists say the inability to delay gratification is a primary predictor of economic failure in life." -– Brian Tracy 

"If you were to show me your current financial plan, would I get so excited by it that I would go across the country and lecture on it? If the answer is no, then here's my question: 'Why not?'   Why wouldn't you have a superior financial plan that is taking you to the places you want to go?" -- Jim Rohn  

"You will achieve 80% of your financial goals in the last 20% of the time you spend working toward them." -– Brian Tracy

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