Messages from the Masters
The Power of Our Dreams by Philip E. Humbert

Our heroes have always understood the power of dreams, even when their dreams were delayed or frustrated for long periods of time. They never game up!

Henry Ford went bankrupt before creating the Model T. Peekaboo Street fell and failed and even broke bones before winning Olympic medals.  Thomas Edison failed thousands of times before fulfilling his dream of an electric light, and Abraham Lincoln failed too many times to count before becoming the greatest President America has known.  

Imagine Helen Keller without her unrealistic dream! Pop culture would be very different if Tina Turner had lost her dream when she was slapped down, or if Oprah had given up along the way.

Martin Luther King, Jr. is remembered for many things, but none has been more lasting or more powerful than his proclamation that, "I have a dream!" 

Never, ever stop dreaming! Some dreams will prove elusive, and some will prove disappointing. Some may seem misguided and need to be revised, revamped and revisited. But it is our ability to dream of new and better worlds that makes us human. Our dreams empower us! Our leaders and heroes have always been pulled by their visions, their dreams of possibilities that lie around the corner, just out of sight, but not out of reach. Dream big dreams!

Written by Dr. Philip E. Humbert, author, speaker and personal success coach. Visit his website at

Provided courtesy of  Jim Rohn International

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