Financial Services Online - About-Us

In 1995, two 20-plus year veterans of the financial services industry combined their talents to create an entire new concept for financial service advisors...paperless publishing house. Bill O'Quin, CLU, ChFC, RFC and Joan Barrett, CLU, ChFC were quick to recognize that the Internet would revolutionize the way in which information could be delivered. 

By 1996, they and technical gurus, Jim O'Quinn (no relation, note the two n's) and Dylan Tynan, brought Financial Services Online's Virtual Marketing Department (VMD) to the Internet. It provided a single location for all information needed for an advisor to operate a professional practice at a very reasonable price. The VMD was available 24/7/365, always current with new sales, support and reference material with no books, brochures or expensive software to buy. 

Today, this sounds like a perfectly logical idea. In fact, it was a great idea but implementation was no small task - especially considering less than 10% of producers had e-mail addresses and even fewer were on the Internet. As Bill O'Quin puts it, "We lost a lot of milk in the early years but we never let the cow die!"

In 1998, Bill and Joan sold the company to LUTC (an industry training institution) and continued working and further developing the service. LUTC changed its name to the Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA). LUTC merged with the American College and the College decided that the VSA was not needed in their curriculum. Bill and Joan reacquired the company in 2002. 

In the mid-2000's, due to the rise of "fee only" advisors, the VSA name was changed to The Virtual Assistant; however, the VSA acronym was so imbedded in the marketplace it was retained. The Virtual Assistant (VSA) has a marketing and content relationship with The National Underwriter with nearly 5,000 subscribers, with numerous associations, insurers, BGAs, IMOs and broker-dealer as clients. With the addition of the Virtual Library nearly 100,000 advisors have access to the Financial Services Online support tools. 

Many additional features have been added to the VSA over the years to include a Website, "fillable" PDF content for offline use, a complete and modular financial analysis program built entirely on "calculable and fillable" PDF and a whole lot more. Despite numerous improvement and additions, the company has raised its pricing for the VSA only twice in its 22-year history. Today, the VSA is rightfully known as "the most comprehensive support tool in the industry." 

In 2016, FSO joined forces with industry leader, Dick Cleary, to create the the Visual Resource Library (VRL). The VRL is an enterprise-based product for insurers, broker-dealers and IMOs, as well as GAs and managers with 25+ agents and includes over 2,000 tools and reports for all a company's financial professionals. 

In 2016, the company began a transition to the next generation. Joan's nephew, Zach Kirkpatrick, joined the company as Vice-President, Finance and Joan is now a content consultant. Jim O'Quinn, was promoted to Vice-President, Internet Technology and Bill retained his position as President. 

The future of the Financial Services Online is spelled out in the company's mission statement created in 1995, "To provide financial and insurance advisors with the most comprehensive sales support tool in the industry, at a fair price, always current and available 24/7/365 on any computer in the world."