When I started counting my blessings, my whole life turned around . -- Willie Nelson
Denielle Cerny, CSA, CEP
2372 Morse Avenue. Suite # 521

Office: (888) 256-7878
Cell: (949) 285-0323

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Since 1989, Denielle Cerny,an independent advisor, has assisted her clients with retirement planning and risk management (insurance)services.This includes collaborating with client's certified public accountants, as well as estate attorneys to ensure comprehensive financial management and estate planning for her clients. Denielle Cerny's primary commitment is to developing a financial plan custom to each client's goals and needs. She believes in building close relationships with her clients and their immediate family members to assist in realistic financial goals.Working with Mrs. Cerny is bringing you one step closer to a financially secure future and one that plan's for the proper transfer of wealth to the client's next generation.
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